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Tuesday, 12 April 2016 18:37


Our company owned a few number of assets and properties that allow our business to stand strong even during the difficult times. This lowers the company overhead and reduces monthly expenses. The following shows the list of our assets:

3-Stories Shop House as Company office (1 unit)
Purchased at RM520,000 on 23rd March 1999, the company has owned the property for more than 10 years and the current value is expected to be around RM750,000. The property has been utilized for as the Management office, Warehouse and Training Centre.

1-Tan Lorry (3 units)
The Company has owned 3 of these 1-Tan lorries to cater for on-site work and transport simultaneously. Due to the mobility working requirement, the ownership of the above transport is important to keep the operation cost at minimum.

Mini Van (1 unit)
Similar to the functions as the lorries, the minivan served as the on-site transport with less loading onboard. It carries the workers to the site as a daily routine.